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Musiccassette MAN019 (See cover: Photographies )

Johann Sebastian Bach, The Art of Fugue BWV1080.

On a historical organ of Fr. Fleiter, 1883.

The first and second part on edition of Wolfgang Graeser (NBA).

Recorded by Musikproduction Lothar Solle of May 24 1998 from a concert in church St. Magnus, Everswinkel, BRD

Musiccassette MAN256 (See cover: Photographies )

Postromantic Organ Music:

Max Reger, Variations and Fugue in f sharp minor op.73.

Marcel Dupre, Symphonie-passion op.23

Live records presented on this cassette made from concerts in Germany

Compact Disk PRS0017 (See cover: Photographies )

Bach, Liszt, Karg-Elert, Schoenberg, Eben. The Organ Works

Live records presented on this disc made from concerts in Germany, Russia and Estonia.
Bach - Prelude & Fugue in d minor BWV539 

Franz Liszt, Fantasia & Fugue on the Choral "Ad nos, ad salutarem undam", 1852.

Bach`s and Liszt`s pieces recorded in Marktkirche Halle, BRD in October 14, 1995 on A. Schuke organ (56. Stops, 1984).

Sigfried Karg-Elert, Symphonic Kanzona in es minor op.85,1.

Karg-Elert`s Kanzona recorded in St. Nicolai church Leipzig in April, 1995 on Fr. Ladegast organ (84 stops, 1862).

Arnold Schoenberg, Variations on a recitative, op.40.

Schoenberg`s Variation on a recitative recorded in Small Hall of Moskow State Conservatoire, Russia on A. Schuke organ (26 stops, 1959).

Petr Eben, Fantasia II from Sunday music, 1958.

Eben`s "Sunday music" recorded in Niguliste Concert Hall in Tallinn, Estonia, in April 2, 1995 on Rieger-Kloss organ (63 stops, 1981).

Digitally mastering and restoration by V. Dinov, Petersburg Recording Studio, 1997. 

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